By installing the KB3114503 all the listview webparts on your SharePoint 2013 server displays this error repeatedly.

“TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined”

With danish localization it looks like this:

“TypeError: Værdien af egenskaben ‘replace’ kan ikke hentes: Objektet er null eller ikke defineret”




Apparently a workaround is this quickfix where you modify the view to display the item title colounm (linked to item) instead of (linked to item with edit menu).

Some reports states that a solution is applying January 2016 CU. And that the KB3114503 update is unable to be removed after installation.

So remember to turn off automatic windows update and test any patch/CU before production!




To learn more about the vulnerabilities the KB3114503 fixes, see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-004.
Note To apply this security update, you must have the release version of Service Pack 1 for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 installed on the computer.


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There is a Nuget library called CredentialManagement that wraps the Windows Credential Management API that supports both the old and the new style of UI


works perfectly

        var cm = new Credential();
        cm.Target = "mycredentialname";

        if (!cm.Exists())
            Console.WriteLine("cm is null");
        Console.WriteLine("Password: " + cm.Password);
        Console.WriteLine("Username: " + cm.Username);


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