It all began while restarting the Office SharePoint Server Search service. I got the error

"The handle is invalid"

I tried modifying the Log On Identity of the service.  Changing this to "Local System", the service started without any errors. But being in a server farm this provided me with:

“The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service”

or actually it was in danish

”Søgeanmodningen kunne ikke oprette forbindelse til søgetjenesten.”

1. Maybee the Accounts used to search dont have the right access needed or the Search services is not running. Check the services; Office SharePoint Server Search and Windows SharePoint Services Search
2. Search server settings
Go to Central Admin > Operations > Services on Server > Office SharePoint Server Search Service Setting -> "User this server for serving search queries”

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If you get the following error when trying to run a search on a WSS site:

Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer.
Contact your administrator for more information.

or in danish

Din søgning kan ikke fuldføres, da dette websted ikke er tildelt et indekseringsprogram.
Kontakt administratoren for at få flere oplysninger.

You'll need to set the indexer on the content database of the site collection. This is done by going to the Central Adminstration > Application Management > Content Databases. Then choose the database of your site and set the index server.

This is the same thing with the Search Server 2008 Express added.


Thank you Paul Wu


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Ever run in to problems with SharePoint and to long url or problems with uploading documents deep down the file map path?

I have and I found some pretty stange limits.

The Office programs Excel and Word have different limitations when it comes to storing documents in SharePoint.
In a SharePoint document library with a long URL path there is a difference in the length of file names that can be saved.

  • Word can´t handle more than 262 characters in the URL. Incl. path and file name
  • Excel can´t handle more than 218 characters in the URL. Incl. path and file name
The reason that there even can exist as long paths to an Excel sheet is that the above limit only applies when you save the document from Excel / Word and not when you upload it with the send button or using the the Explorer view.
There is even an different transfer limit on the 2 ways to transfer documents, but thats another day.
General restrictions:
URL path for all files and folders to be less than 260 characters and must not exceed 128 characters in each file or folder name in the URL path.
But this is not when you save the document from Excel!
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